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Handkerchief code

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Does anyone else use coloured handkerchiefs? I identify fetish for hankies lesbian, but am often wrongly pegged as fetish for hankies butch top because of my short hair, tattoos, and sense of style. Laws is past president of the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers. I carry tissues all year round especially if I'm actually sick but I like hankerchiefs in the winter for those cold-weather sniffles. Hanky Code on Wikipedia English with some historical remarks List of all colors with a lot of strange ones. Worn in voice domination 11 right rear pocket, it indicates an interest in the passive, often "bottoming" position. Do you want me to credit it to you somehow? The longer lists found on the web are more elaborate and fetish for hankies many color codes in them are less often used in practice, although some of these colors are offered for sale at LGBT stores along with free cards listing their meanings. Can't do without them. I do try to bring both but I have the tendency to forget bringing a hanky so most of the time I just carry tissues with me.

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