The Importance of Brain Power

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The brain plays a vital role to command the body. The brain is responsible for every action, we make. There is an amazing power in the human brain like we are able to visualize things creatively, we learn and store things in our memory and we make plans and execute them effectively. There is an important connection between the physical and mental efficiency. As it is necessary to do physical exercises, to keep the body fit and fine, similarly physical fitness is equally important to maintain the health of the brain, so that it functions properly. In the field of neuroscience, many scientists have done research and they have come to a conclusion, that along with the mental exercises the body workout is necessary for the healthy mind. There has been a positive result, which has proved that physical exercise also plays a vital role in improving the health of the brain.

The Abilities and Power of Human Brain

The brain functions amazingly in different spheres of human life. The abilities and power of the brain can be described in following points.

Memory and Learning

Memory is essential to develop the mental skills of the brain. The brain learns and instantly converts the experience into various codes and store the same experience for a long time. The stored experience can be recalled and used for your benefits in various spheres in life.

Executive Planning

The cortex, which is situated in the front part of the brain, makes goals and also allows you to visualize your creativity and it further helps in to make important steps, so that you can execute your plans to achieve your targeted goals.drjillheader

Language and Math

The research has proved that our brain has the lifelong ability to gather the linguistic abilities. We also have the skill to learn mathematics and also can make difficult arithmetic calculations instantly.brain-power-diet

Emotional Response

Neuroscience has proved that our emotions are linked intimately to the cognition and helps to maintain the health of the brain cells, which also helps in boosting the immune system of the body.

Social Interaction

When we interact with people and become successful socially, then also there is a skill of the brain. In many brain types of research, have proved that brain is only responsible for making logical life decisions and it also engages in a productive manner to interact with the people. A healthy mind will always be able to maintain the cognitive skills sharp.

To make our mind work on a proper and desired way, every person should follow a healthy lifestyle which includes healthy and balanced diet which increases the brain power. To keep the brain healthy, everyone should do certain exercises, which helps to boost the blood circulation in the body and mind. This makes our mind work actively and responds instantly. Some IQ tests are also conducted in various schools and colleges but every person should face different levels of IQ tests so that they can improve their cognitive ability.

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